Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide world-class trainers and support staff to the people of Connecticut. We will deliver cutting edge exercise and nutritional techniques to clients from all walks of life, safely and efficiently helping them attain the level of health and fitness they desire.

Our Promise:

We promise to deliver a customized workout to every individual that walks through our doors. Each of you will have different goals, needs, and restrictions. We will get to know you at a personal level, and prescribe appropriate exercise parameters to help you achieve your goals.

Our Beliefs:

Humans are innately athletic; the continued survival of our species is a testament to our adaptability and broad capability across many different physical and psychological demands. The modern day lifestyle has afforded us the opportunity to forget what we are capable of.

We strive to remind ourselves, and those around us, exactly what our bodies were designed to do.

Better health correlates with a body that functions at a higher level. We will teach you how to elevate your functionality. To improve function we must challenge the physiological system through the intelligent selection of difficult tasks. Our mission is to challenge each and every one of you by selecting appropriate tasks for each individual. Each member will require a different teaching approach; we will provide it.

Being athletic builds off of a basic functional platform and gets us in touch with the competitiveness that exists, to some degree, inside of all of us. Human beings strive to improve; we are in constant competition with ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday. The difference between athleticism and functional health is the psychological component; the inner monologue that takes place. Sometimes, this monologue propels us forward. Other times it impedes our progress. We will teach you how to harness the good and eliminate the bad.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in the scientific process. We measure your progress through your daily workouts by tracking data in real time. The program is highly responsive; when YOU need something to improve we deliver it. We test and re-test the most important aspects of fitness. Our program is well-rounded, progressive, and challenging. We believe in hard work without the ‘drill instructor’ feel. Within our walls you will find a positive, encouraging, and supportive coaching staff who are dedicated to raising your standard of what fitness should be!!

Our Facility:

Keeping in line with our value of the family unit, we have a 200 square foot children’s area allocated for your children to visit while you work out. We have a shower and changing room so you can squeeze that workout in between soccer practice and that doctor’s appointment. We have 3000 square feet of training space equipped with everything you need to get the best results. When your workout is over we have a fully stocked coffee and smoothie bar to re-fuel your body before you head off to work! Our facility is clean and we promise to keep it that way.